Gemma (ar_gemlad) wrote,

Calendar anxiety

Does anyone else get calendar anxiety? It's a term I've coined to describe the anxiety I feel when I have more than x appointments/events coming up, where x is generally quite small. The events are mostly fun ones at the moment, yet I still have the anxiety.

It's suddenly hit me this week, as Tuesday was the last session of Generation, the RPGSoc society game I've been GMing. All the things I've been putting to the back of my mind until 'after Generation' have now catapulted themselves to the forebrain.

The really weird thing, is that instead of feeling like everything will go wrong, I feel like it has already gone wrong. I don't even know what 'it' is! I had a dream about school last night, so apparently my brain is so desperate to find something that's gone wrong, I'm having anxiety dreams about being shunned for being a teacher's pet! Yes, that used to be a valid thing to get worked up about, but it happened 15 or more years ago!

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