Gemma (ar_gemlad) wrote,


white_hart gave me F.

Something I hate: Fear. I quite like being scared, in a safe fashion (like watching a film, or roleplaying), but real fear is something I'd like never to experience again.

Something I love: Fresh air. I could probably think of something else, but the view from the window is influencing me :)

Somewhere I've been: France, 3 times. Not very many compared to some of my friends, and all before the age of 13.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Florence. I've never been to Italy, and Firenze is home to a museum of the history of science which I'd love to visit.

Someone I know: Frances Hardinge. Author of many really good children's and YA books. She's a wonderful person, and an evil roleplayer :)

A film I like: Fellowship of the Ring. I love Lord of the Rings (the book), and I think Peter Jackson and co. did a great job in converting them to the screen. However, of the three films, I think the first is the best.

Let me know if you would like a letter!

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